How to Get Aptamil For Free

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How to Get Aptamil For Free

Aptamil Toddler Formula offers some freebies and perks which are only exclusive to members who have registered and obtained their AptaAdvantage account. In this article, you’ll be guided on how to open and activate your account.

To open and activate this account, you would have to fill in some little details about yourself and your little one. On your part, one of the requirements is an active and unique email address. After you’ve filled in a valid email address, the next field is for a password. You are to choose a strong password that is only known to you alone. 

Be sure to follow standard password policies and guidelines to be sure that you choose a password that is secured. Keep this password safe as you would be needing it later. 

The next step is to fill in your personal profile which includes information like your full name, contact number (preferably your mobile number). Your address line is also needed and it is compulsory that you fill in this. You can also fill in a second address line if you have two addresses but this is not in any way a compulsory field. You would also be needed to provide a valid postal code for the purpose of sorting mail. Further information is also required as to ascertain whether you’re pregnant or not or whether you’re probably trying to conceive. To end this personal profile section, you would have to select your relationship with your baby. This entails indicating whether you’re the mom or the dad of the child or others as the case may be. 

Once you’re done supplying all your personal information above, then it’s time to give a little information about your little one. Here, you can only add a minimum of three children. The oldest child record will be deleted if you wish to add a new child. For each child you wish to register, you have to provide their full name. You would also be required to provide their date of birth. The next field is to select what milk product your child is taking. When you click on the drop down on the website, you would be presented with a wide range of options. You can select the appropriate one that is applicable to your child. Options include Fernleaf, Karihome 3-7 years, Karihome Follow On, etc. If however the milk product applicable to your child is not on the dropdown, you have the option of indicating so by selecting ‘Others’.

After filling all these necessary information, you can then proceed to provide your promo code if you have one. This is totally optional anyway and only applicable to those who have promo codes. 

You’ll further be required to indicate the free services you would like to subscribe to by ticking the relevant box (es) on the options provided, you also consent to Aptamil sending you messages through your preferred communication modes, to provide you with the stated services. You may wish to want all the free services, and in this case, you would just have to tick the first box. You can also enable Aptamil to send you gifts and inform you of special offers by phone, get regular tips and special offers by e-mail, also get regular tips and special offers by SMS, and finally receive tips, gifts and special offers by post (in Singapore only) by selecting the relevant box(es).

Once you’ve provided all the relevant information above, you’re ready to accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the site and then submit your application by clicking on the submit button.