When do I start weaning my baby?

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Most first time mums have this question when thier babies turn 4 months old. Weaning generally means the process of stopping your baby from breastfeeding or bottlefeeding and the start of introducing other source of nutrition.

One of the worries is that the time mums started weaning would decrease their bond with their babies. However, study shows that ample evidence suggest that breastfeeding can improve child neurodevelopment, but more research is needed to establish this claim.

When can we really start weaning?

Basically, all babies must really be introduced to other source of nourishments, you cannot let your baby do that for years. When he starts to develop and grow, his appetite for food develops also. Usually around 4 to 6 months, our babies starts to show signs of losing appetite or interest in nursing.

Early signs of weaning shows when your baby grow more active and don't want to stay still long enough as when he/she is being nursed. This could be your opportunity to introduce solid foods.

But for some mums, especially those that needs to return to work or will have to start weaning gradually, they may decide to do so even though their baby seems not to show the signs of being ready for weaning. Suplement their nutritional needs by giving follow on formula milk. Keep on observing the signs and then start introducing small amounts of baby foods.

There are some ways on how to start weaning.

As your baby develops his appetite for other source of nutrition other than milk, you can start weaning by skipping nursing time (either breastfeeding or bottle-feeding) and introduce baby food. Remember that doctors suggests that solid foods is advisable to introduce for 12 months old and onwards. If skipping cannot be helped, you can reduce the amount so that your baby can adjust gradually.

In conclusion, weaning can work bothways, it's either you wait for your child to become more active and starts to loose appetite from being nursed or gradually introduce him to baby food from 4- 6 months old onwards.

Remember that weaning also depends on your baby's condition and nutritional needs, always consult your pedia for more medical help and advise.