Guide For Choosing Infant Formula In Singapore

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Guide For Choosing Infant Formula In Singapore

If you decide to feed your baby, you will have to decide which type of formula you want. Commercial infant/baby formula such as Aptamil is recommended for babies 10 months old and beyond. This formula has all the vitamins and minerals that your baby needs. No supplements are required.

To choose an amazing formula, consider the following:
  • Choose the iron-fortified until your baby is 9-12 months old and is eating a variety of solid food.
  • For families where there is no history of allergies, the standard formula is one made from cow's  milk. It is often digested by most babies. If you think your baby needs another type of formula, talk to your doctor or dietician.
  • If you feel that you want to exchange formulas, communicate with your medical doctor first. While you attempt a new formulation, maintain your baby on it for a while, at the least per week, you then know in case your infant can tolerate it.
  • “Follow up formulas” are designed as an alternative to cow’s milk for babies six months and older. If you decide to use any of these formulas, wait until your baby is at least six months old. I would advise you go for Aptamil because I have used it and can confirm it is a very good option.
  • Home-made, canned evaporated whole milk should not be used in place of commercial infant formula. This type of milk does not have the right amount and types of nutrient that a baby needs.
Each time I choose the best formula for my child, I do not neglect the best water to mix the formula with. It is imperative at this point to choose the right type of water for your child’s needs. When choosing water for formula,
  • Do not use carbonated or mineral water. Never use water directly from untreated sources, such as springs, rivers, and lakes to make a formula. Bottled and filtered water may have minerals in amounts that are not safe for your baby. The best type of water to use include, municipal water, bottled spring water, water from home treatment systems and devices.
Breast milk is best for your baby but if you choose to formula feed your healthy baby, choose a cow-milk based formula with iron. Consult your health care provider if your child has any special health needs or you have any questions or concerns about feeding your baby.

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