Save Up on Milk But Keep Your Baby Safe

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As we all know, baby milk formula takes big part in the family budget. And as much as we want to save, the child’s welfare comes first, always.

Wondering how can you keep your baby safe and healthy and save a lot in your budget? Note of the following:

Properly prepare the formula. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Wash the top of the formula cans with soap and warm water, rinse well and dry and clean the can opener. Be aware of the water you will use. You may consider using purified water to be sure. And more importantly, read the directions carefully. Make sure to follow the measurements precisely. Under diluted formula may lead to dehydration while over diluted formula can affect the baby’s growth and proper nutrition.

Do not force feed
. You will definitely know when your baby isn’t hungry anymore. When the baby is satisfied he might turn his head away from the bottle. However, if there is still formula in the bottle never force him to feed for it might lead to overfeeding. It can make him uncomfortably full.

When your child didn’t finish feeding formula within an hour, toss it. Refrigerating and reheating leftover baby milk formula is a big NO. It’s because of the bacteria from his mouth that can seep into the bottle and contaminate the formula.

When you’ve prepared a bottle to use later, putting labels could be helpful. For a mixed powder or liquid concentrate formula, immediately refrigerate the closed bottle. It can be used for 24 hours. While, ready-to-use (premixed) liquid formula can be used up to 48 hours. Label the bottles with date and time of preparation.

Babies can get sick because of contaminated formula. And as prevention is better than cure, there are some precautionary measures you can do to keep your child healthy.

Knowing these, you are not only keeping your child healthy and happy—you are also able to save much from your budget.


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