Taking Changes, Little by Little

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Change is the only constant thing in this world.

You have read this before, for sure. As a new mum, you have probably embraced the fact that you have just started a new chapter in your life. And to realize that in the next few days or weeks, another change will soon come over you.

Right when you’re getting used to giving infant formula to your child---your Mum or in-law suddenly just told you about getting rid of that infant formula and start giving your child solid foods and another milk supplement.

That change is growth. Your baby is growing into a toddler. Just like when he was a little baby in your arms, he equally needs the right milk formula as time passes by.

In the first 12 months, a baby’s diet is starting to mature to their nutrient-and-vitamin-rich formula routine. This is the time when your child is under the developmental milestone—the toddler stage.

A toddler is a child 12 to 36 months old. During this stage, toddlers may show independence, can recognize themselves in the mirror (and bring laughing moments at home), and can imitate behaviour from others. They take their first step up unto the countless times they fall and stand again.

Being in the most rapid stage of development, toddlers need around 4.5 times amount of iron as an adult male. Calcium and vitamin D are also needed for normal growth and development.

Yes, your precious little one needs special amount of care during this stage. That’s why choosing for a toddler milk is understandably challenging.

In choosing milk formula, check on the nutritional information. Some of the needed minerals and vitamins for developmental milestones are the following:

Iron. Supports normal cognitive development.

Calcium and Vitamin D. For growth and bone development.

DHA/EPA (Omega 3). Powering the brainpower.